One night in Diyabarkir

October 30, 2014:

The dolmus drops me in Siverek, where Muslum and his family had lodged me the first time, when the night is falling.
It is only 4:30 p.m. and I am told that there will not be another dolmus to Diyarbakir.

The driver of my first dolmus decides to stay and help me, takes me to a gas station on the main road, pass some calls and makes me understand that a big bus will come in 15 minutes and asked it stops here to me! I almost kissed him!

Once installed, a big thank you sent to the attention of the unknown, I fall asleep.
Suddenly, the freshness of the outside wake up and my eyes open to a man in uniform and gun, which asks for my passport.
Relax, it's just a formality to use, at the entrance of Diyarbakir, "political capital" of Turkish Kurdistan and therefore more monitored.

And once again, I laugh people who tell me that Kurdish are dangerous: on arrival at the bus station, a man accosted me to offer me his help, and accompanies me to the internet cafe where I tried to contact Merve, my couchsurfer host that night. They welcome be better when I announced that i am French: tea, cakes and ... the owner is happy to be able to reuse his knowledge of the language of Molière, as he do not often get the opportunity!

I go back to the bus station where I find my guide and asked him how I can go to the mall Ceylon Park. He ask me why. I explain i want to join my friend, and he calls her, then pass a second call and tells me that the head of the shop next door will drive me there. My guide also goes up because he is afraid for me if I take the bus alone by night.
So, here I am, stuck between a grandmother and two little bundle of joy with my driver and my bodyguard to destination.

Merve is here, I thank my guardian angel, and returns to warm in the huge apartment of my host!

Spaghetti, tea and cakes, a Danish young guy who plays guitar, a simple and effective program for the evening!

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