Trusting life

Tuesday, June 3:

Let's be honest, this day was not necessarily the best: a friendly visit to the market of Tyre and then again hitchhiking in the storm ... knowing that I have a broken toe ... enough for handicapping my walk (but I'm resistant to pain, and it is out of the question that my toe "break my feet";)).
An adorable Turkish offered me the bus to Denizli, then I took a Dolmus but, arriving in Pamukkale, i realize that I have lost my wallet ...

But sometimes life is magical: it has placed in my path Ihsan, who besides me find a accommodation cheap, put everything in motion to find portfolio with the help of his network, has changed my ideas throughout the evening,  by making visit the area by night, discovering the wine of the region, and even let me drive his car to go to Pamukkale!
(Flatmate: now I can drive the truck: p)

Result, i found my wallet ... knowing that my CB and my passport is still glued to my body, I cried with joy because the thing I really wanted to retrieve is a photo that I have been offered on the eve of my departure!

I probably repeat myself, but really, life always gives us what we need ... you just have to trust it !!

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