Stopped in Suruç

October 30, 2014:

The morning is gray and rainy, but the breakfast (kahvalti) offered by Muslum's mom puts color in my stomach! Here is the kingdom of pistachio, and I tasted for the first jam based this ingredient! And omlettes, cheese, olives, tomatoes. I can not move anymore, so I just listen Muslum talking about the Ottoman civilization of which he is a fan.

The goodbyes give rise to first tears ... this little lady will long remain in my heart.

Muslum and his mom

And after spending a little time in the military office because Muslum has to go do his compulsory service for one year in a month, he wished to pay me on the bus, and I tried to refuse. So I ruse, said yes, and try to keep my promise not to cry, hiding in my scarf.
I hope everything will go well for him.

For me too, because due to my dirty character, I want to know, with my own I jump off the dolmus near Suruç.
Kobane is right in front, 6 km away, and my biggest surprise is the unexpected calm that I found here. Thousands of refugees pass through here, and Turkish people still show their solidarity by offering them lodging, food, and often transportation (bus drivers keep seats free to take them on the road and allow them to join the bigger cities). The people are smiling, offering me tea, journalists are omni-present (I just have not taken my camera off my bag by safety) and that's it.

ISIL bombards northern city of Kobané in order to prevent Iraqi peshmerga coming from Turkey to join the front, but fails, the Kurds still managed to repel them.
And Turkish men  that I talk to agree, ISIL will never come in Turkey, and if Kobané should have been taken, it would have already been done!

Then I come back on the road... and take my first finger, as to make a f *** to fear, and start to hitch-hike.

It will not last long, accident stopped us over an hour and when arrived in Urfa, darkness is too close to me. I'll take a dolmus!

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