Happy New Year!!

Every new year, everbody wish “health! Because it’s the most important, you know!”
I totally disagree.

Of course, sickness, disability, loosing, is painful, hard, frustrating or whatever you can imagine in the dark side.
But it is part of life. As death is.
So, I guess : if everybody want to create a perfect wonderful world without disease (but with glitters), is it because they want to forget that one day, their lives will be over?

This is why I will not wish you a traditional and easy-going “good year” or “health for you and your family”.
But I want you to remember the reality of life, its fragility, and sometimes even its short duration.
And yet I would like you to love this life. Because it’s by seeing it as it truly is that you can give it meaning. Without necessarily becoming a superhero, but in your daily life: being in agreement and peace with yourself, giving value to what is really important : appreciating the simple beauty of our surroundings and the chance we have to be able to wake up each morning.

So, yeah, maybe you get sick or whatever, I do not wish that this does not happen to you, because honestly ... we do not have much grip on it by cons I would like you to have a great life VALUE and MEANING.

It is you who are responsible for your “good year”.




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