Cumhuriyet Bayrami in Halfeti

October 29, 2014:

I take a dolmus to join Birecik, where I have an appointment with Muslum (International Car teacher who had helped me this summer - read there).

We are happy to see us and we drive to Yeni Halfeti for the celebration of Cumhuriyet Bayramı, the Republic Day (29 October 1923).
Officials arrive and children can sing songs and make their speeches.

Cumhuriyet Bayramı in Halfeti

Then we continue to Halfeti, the old town, which was half covered by water due to the creation of the Ataturk dam on the Euphrates.

See the houses under water and the walls of the original mosque beaten by the waves has something curious ...

Eski Halfeti

But it's time for Muslum to find back his classroom for drama classes he gives in the school  of Yeni Halfeti! Children are excited to have a spectator to such an extent that nobody pays attention to the passing of time!

Theatre class

After photos and kisses, my friend took me to his village where I met his mom who spoils me all evening.

Evening continues by comparing our scars, mental and physical, and ends in the light of the moon through the telescope of Muslum's brother.

Should i needed to go so far to see the most beautiful things so close!

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