Gaziantep Otogar

October 28, 2014:

After a night with my beloved Toulonnaises, a flight from Marseille to Istanbul waits me.
We are late and i feel stress to not having my correspondance.
Mais through a hard sprint as a running jump-hedge with luggages, I cross the door under the staff applause ground that was shutting the gate!

It's past midnight when I landed in Gaziantep ... and given the late arrival, my only option is to join the Otogar (Bus Station) to spend the night.

The area is filled with Syrian refugees, men, women, children and old, all muddy because of storms in recent days.

And as I sit in full light, a man told me to come with him because he does not want me to stay alone in the middle of this crowd.

And by taking care of me, he makes me live for unexpected things like working between 1 and 3:40 am selling bus tickets, sleep on a bed made of 4 rows of chairs, and offer fried potatoes at 6am to an 8 year old kid who said he was only here because his parents were killed in Aleppo ...

Working in Gaziantep Otogar

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