Why???...Why not!!!

Do not see laziness, and don't be either relieved, nothing can replace my oral histories.
You know, the ones where my eyes sparkle, where my zygomatics work to the point of cramping and where I succeed, I hope, to bring you into my world.

A touch of madness, a healthy dose of optimism, a hint of unconsciousness, sometimes, and especially the inability to consider a life without adventure (s) ...

Having grown up in a fantasy world where rubbed shoulders (in disorder) Odysseus and all his friends from Greek mythology, Lara (Croft), Esteban (Cities of Gold), Christophe (Columbus), Bilbo, Amelia (Earhart), Indiana (Jones) ... humming "En avant les histoires" playing with my playmobils, this universe couldn't be made of something other than adventures !!!!

Those past, those "future," meetings who mark , literally and figuratively, that's what in these pages you will find.

Because, although my personal quest is not ready to expire, I found my treasure.
It is called EXPERIENCE, and makes me a little richer every day.

Then such a pirate, I invite you to embark ... and share!

"Happiness only real when shared"
Christopher McCandless